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Ryan Dawes - 79 Series Coil Conversion Customer

Superior Engineering’s coil conversion kit was straight forward and easy to install, Ride comfort and off road performance is incomparable to the leaf spring rear it previously had.

Gerard Byrne - 79 Series Outback Tourer Kit Customer

Hey guys just thought I’d say thank you for your hard work, I got my new outback tourer on the road over the weekend, I believe it would have been one of your last builds for 2019 and I just like let you guys no I love my new Ute! Good luck with 2020 you guys do phenomenal work.

Mark Edwards - GU Patrol Customer

We started a new GU Patrol build as a promotional car for our business. This is the first Nissan we have owned after a Hilux & Landcruiser and Ryan’s knowledge and professionalism was second to none. Working together we settled on your 5” Hyperflex kit. Speaking with Ryan and sending through images and measurements he set out to rectify this issue immediately. A quality brand like Superior Engineering can only go so far, it is the people that represent your brand that take it to the next level and Ryan has done this and more. Thank-you once again.

Jack Newbery - 79 Series Coil Conversion Customer

I have owned and driven dozens of different types of utes in my time. 2WD, 4WD, Single Cab, Dual Cab, Leaf Spring, Coil Spring, IFS, Solid Axle, Petrol, Diesel and various combinations of everything in between. What I have now in the Superior Engineering Coil-Converted 79 Series Landcruiser is easily the best combination of all the important factors for me. The coil springs and triangulated 4-Link geometry is superior to the factory leaf suspension in so many ways. It allows MUCH more flex which equals a more capable vehicle off-road.

Chris Holgate - Nissan GU Patrol Suspension Kit

To say I'm happy is an understatement, the quality of your products is second to none. And it just works well, running the remote res 7" shocks with hyperflex arms, coil tower brace and extended towers. Cheers
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