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Ford PXII Ranger Coil Conversion Kits

Ford PXII Ranger Coil Conversion Kits

Posted By: Superior Engineering Published: 02/05/2018 Times Read: 6896 Comments: 0

Superior Engineering has designed, manufactured now released a NEW heavy duty, rear coil conversion kit for the Ford PXII Ranger.

This kit has been developed to improve ride, handling, comfort and offroad capability, while also increasing wheel travel and articulation.

Are you after the new Ford Ranger Raptor but can't justify the cost? Are you wanting to maintain your Standard Ranger 3.2L and 3,500kg towing capacity but have all the cool extras of a Ranger Raptor?
Superior Engineering has a cost effective solution for you introducing the "Rear Coil Conversion with Fox Shocks".

Convert your leaf sprung PXII Ranger to a more compliant ride and better handling both on and offroad with one of our Superior Engineering PXII Ranger Coil Conversion Kits, designed, tested and manufactured right here in Brisbane to suit Australian conditions.

The kit is supplied with everything you need to convert your vehicle from leaf springs to coils, all brackets, mounts, coils, shocks, control arms, brake lines as well.

This kit can be purchased alone or with one of our Stages or the exclusive "Rear Coil Conversion with Fox Shocks" to suit your requirements.

The NCOP VSB pre-approval paperwork is also supplied, so you can legally have the Coil suspension fitted and approved on your vehicle.

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