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Lightforce HTX2 LED/HID Driving Light (Each)

Brand:  Lightforce Product ID:  35037

$799.00  (Each)

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NOTE: This product is a universal fitment and may not suit all applications, please contact us if you are unsure if it is suitable.


Evolution can be a process of natural selection. Sometimes it’s a result of deliberate design.

The highly evolved HTX2 Hybrid Driving Light includes enhancements to the award-winning features that Lightforce pioneered with the HTX, to give our leading driving light an unfair advantage. The next-generation HTX2 evolves every aspect to the next level to give you a high-performance light that’s more rugged and reliable than ever.

Lightforce’s research and development team, including our industrial designers, electronic and design engineers, and product evaluation and quality assurance professionals are always looking to the future. To make the best even better they’ve made numerous modifications to the DNA of our famous hybrid driving lights. The result is the HTX2, a new generation of Australian-designed and manufactured driving light technology that gives you even better control of the road ahead.



The HTX2’s new, robust aluminium one-piece housing has been completely redesigned for better heat management using a precision engineered heatsink. This means the heat generated by the HID and LEDs is dissipated more effectively to maintain high performance for longer. The new housing has a slimmer profile, so it will fit more bull bars. That also means it is less likely to interfere with frontal crash avoidance systems that are increasingly common on modern vehicles.

The new heatsink is more aerodynamic, taking its design cues from the clean lines of other LED Driving Lights in the Lightforce family, like popular Genesis LEDs, Venom LEDs and Striker LEDs. The UV-stabilised powdercoated black finish on the HTX2 housing is now applied to the aluminium surface after a pre-treatment process that ensures result is uniform and that it will not be affected by the elements. This results in a smooth, durable surface that will look great for life.

The bezel, the aluminium ring surrounding the new moulded lens, is now secured by inset screws at the rear of the light for a smoother front face.


The repositioned mounting point on the HTX2 means it has a balanced centre of gravity, so there is reduced potential for vibration on the most punishing Australian roads. The HTX2 now uses the reversible mount with captive Nyloc® nuts that has been a proven success on our other LED Driving Lights. And the mount comes with additional bolts that allow you to triple-secure for extra peace-of-mind.


The combination of HID and LED offers amazing performance with 1 Lux at over 1,650 metres and .25 Lux at over 3.3 kilometres. The HID bulb and LEDs operate consistently at pure white 5000K, so they match more accurately than before. Now both the HID and LEDs have a CRI of 70 for better colour rendering. This makes it easier to distinguish different objects on the road ahead, so there are no surprises and less eye fatigue.

With a Lightforce Dual Switching Harness you can activate LED only, HID only or both at once when your high beams come on, to customise your driving experience to suit the road and the environmental conditions.


The HTX2 incorporates a more efficient Phillips® WhiteVision Xenon HID bulb which operates at 50 watts, so it draws less power, generates less heat and produces an intense, crisp, pure white beam that cuts through the darkness. The HID bulb is surrounded by a 170mm reflector that has been precision engineered to deliver a concentrated beam for maximum distance.

The ring of twenty 5000K Lumileds® LEDs are mounted in a ring of finely tuned reflectors which produce better light spread than ever before, for a beam width of 1 lux at 112 metres. These are high-powered undomed LEDs that offer unmatched optical flexibility for precise beam angle control and colour consistency. Premium components ensure a pair of HTX2s deliver consistent output over their whole lifetime.


The HID bulb in the HTX2 is driven by a European-designed Osram® ballast which produces fewer electromagnetic emissions than inferior ballasts. Shielded cables allow the HTX2 to surpass EMC compliance standards and attain CE certification. The CE mark is an internationally recognised symbol declaring that a product complies with stringent standards. In this case, it ensures that your HTX2 Hybrid Driving lights won’t affect your AM radio reception or the clarity of telecommunications reception and transmission.


Like other Lightforce Driving Lights, the HTX2 has a range of modular filters to give you the flexibility to change the driving light pattern to suit the environment. Out of the box, an HTX2 comes standard with a protective HTX2 Clear Spot Filter. The HTX2 Clear Combo Filter and HTX2 Black Cover are sold separately.


Lightforce has redesigned the seals in the HTX2 and they now have a fully integrated waterproof plug. These features, combined with the Genuine Gore® waterproof membrane with mechanical seal have allowed us to attain superior ingress protection surpassing IP68 and IP69K levels so the HTX2 is dustproof, fully submersible and can withstand high-pressure water and steam jets.


  • 1 x Lightforce HTX2 12V or 24V Hybrid Driving Light
  • 1 x HTX2 Harness Adaptor
  • 1 x HTX2 Spot Filter
  • 1 x Reversible mount and mounting hardware
  • 1 x HTX2 Xtreme Top Stay Bracket (only with 24V Version)
  • 1 x User Instructions.
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