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Return Policy

What can be returned?

Superior may accept the return of some of the Goods, if for a legitimate reason such as, the Goods received by the Buyer differ from the Goods described in the Contract. Superior's staff are experienced industry personnel who provide advice and technical knowhow to the Buyer, however, it is the Buyers responsibility to ensure they provide Superior's staff members with all the requirements, expectations and any other relevant information to ensure the Goods supplied can be used by the Buyer as required.

Superior does not accept responsibility or liability if the Buyer has provided incorrect information, specifications or requirements or any other relevant information including but not limited to size, make or purpose of the Goods to suit a particular type of vehicle.

If a part, product or Goods are installed incorrectly by someone other than a Superior employee and that incorrect installation of the part, product or Goods is the direct cause of the part, product or Goods or part of a "lift Kit" being faulty, Superior will not exchange, refund or replace the part or any part that is associated to it. All returns that are not the fault of Superior Engineering or its staff will have a 20% restocking fee. This fee covers such costs as admin and packing and restocking the goods. If the Freight/ postage was also included free in the order this will also have to be paid for by the customer as well as the total cost of sending the goods back to Superior Engineering. Both restocking fee and freight charge will be taken off the refund amount. If Superior Engineering is at fault the Restocking fee will be waived. Superior Engineering will not accept the excuse that the customers vehicle has been stolen or crashed, if this becomes the case a 20% restocking fee will apply. Superior Engineering may charge an Administration fee upon a cancellation of an order. Administration fees are charged to cover costs of the Staff in the sale and ordering of parts. It is at the discretion of Superior Engineering Management which fee will be charged upon cancelling or returning orders depending on the case.

Other manufacturer warranty

If the Goods include products or parts that are not products or parts manufactured by Superior, but are purchased by Superior from another manufacturer for the purpose of on sale, Superior will, in all instances, return the Goods, products or parts to the manufacturer to be determined by the manufacturer if a major or non-major failure of the Goods, products or parts therein has occurred. Should the manufacturer of the goods determine that a major or non-major failure of the Goods, products or parts therein has occurred, Superior will repair, refund or replace the Goods, products or parts therein pursuant to its obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

What is required to return?

The original copy of the invoice must be provided to Us. We will not refund or exchange a product because the Buyer has 'simply changed his mind'. Superior will accept returns of Goods that have been incorrectly supplied by Superior, up to a maximum of 7 days from delivery date. A warranty claim is different from returns and depends on the particular parts, manufacturer and circumstances of the claim.

Where do customers return items?

Superior must be contacted and a warranty or return form provided by Superior must be completed by the Buyer for approval, prior to the Buyer returning incorrect Goods or Goods covered under a warranty.

If the Buyer purchased the Goods directly from Superior, the Goods must be sent with a copy of the original tax invoice and include up to date contact details of the Buyer and the warranty/return form fully completed.

The return address to send approved warranty/returned Goods purchased from Superior, is 499 Uhlmann Road, Burpengary, Qld, 4505.

Goods must be placed on a traceable freight Carrier and Superior does not accept responsibility or liability for lost or damaged freight in transit and further, Superior will not pay or replace lost freight. It is the Buyer's responsibility to organise and pay for the shipping of the Goods and ensure that the Goods are covered by the freight carrier's applicable insurance.

Who pays for returns?

All returns once approved must be forwarded to Superior. We will not pay for any costs associated with the delivery to or from any distributor/ private or commercial address for the Goods to be returned.

If the Goods, products or parts are from another manufacturer, Superior may, at their discretion, contact the 'manufacturer' to see if they will pay for the freight to us or to the manufacturer/ distributor.

Superior will not pay freight for another manufacturer's parts to be sent back for return.

Credit for returns

If a return has been approved, the Buyer can purchase any other product to the same value. Superior will only return the money to the account or credit card number, which the original invoice was debited to, of the Buyer.

Goods purchased from another distributor other than Superior

If the Goods were purchased from another Workshop or 4wd Shop and the Buyer wants to return the Goods without defect, the seller of those Goods must be contacted at first instance and the seller's return policy will be applicable. Upon notification from the seller of the Goods that the Goods will be replaced, Superior will re-fit the Goods upon the parts being forwarded to Superior.

Packing materials

If Goods are returned in damaged/and/or not the original packaging, the cost of the re-packaging will be deducted from the refund amount.

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