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Superior Coil Tower Brace Kit Suitable For Nissan GQ/GU Patrol Ute and Body Lifted Wagon (Each)

Brand:  Superior Engineering Product ID:  6360

$160.00  (Each)

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This is a Superior Engineering Bolt-On Coil Tower Brace Kit suitable for the Nissan GQ/GU Patrol Ute and Body Lifted Wagon.

The Superior Engineering Chassis Tower Brace stops the rear coil tower from bending and tearing from the chassis, correcting a weak point in GU and GQ Nissan Patrol suspension design.

Suitable For Ute style and Wagon with a body lift.

The coil tower brace is pressed up with 6mm steel and comes with all the necessary bolts.

Also comes with a Polyurethane anti-chafing brake line plate to protect the brake lines and fittings.

This is a brace kit Suitable For Nissan patrols. Designed to be 100% bolt on with all bolts included. Simply bolts on top of the towers.

Wagons need a 2 inch body lift to allow for clearance.

Note: Some vehicles may require exhaust modifications to fit this brace. Also due to placement of brake lines on some vehicles, lines may need to be carefully bent for clearance.

Video Transcription

Hi I am Mick from Superior Engineering.

And today I am going to talk to you about the GQ and GU coil tower brace that we sell.

This is for the Utes and for if you got a Wagon with a body lift.

So this is pressed up out of eight millimeter steel.

It comes with the necessary bolts that you need.

And it also comes with this polyurethane plate that sits on top.

Now this is to protect the brake lines and all the fittings that come up over the top.

So we will go over and check out how these things get fitted now.

Here is a GQ Patrol we're going to put this coil tower brace on.

As you can see this is a light truck. Its got nothing really on the back.

A little timber tray. So we can't go and say that these towers are bent because of excessive weight.

Probably it did have some weight at some point, but these towers are just really weak.

The best way to tell, when you look through them the towers have to be actually dead horizontal.

When you actually look through you will see ones up or they are both pointing up usually.

So as you can see here, I have just put a spirit level on top of that coil tower brace.

And if Luke can zoom in across to the other side you can see that bent at least a good forty millimeters on that one tower.

There's not many GU Patrols that we see come in that haven't go bent towers.

So even if your towers aren't bent, I would certainly be putting one of these braces on for a precaution.

Whether it's this style brace we're showing now or whether it's the other wagon brace that we have.

So from here we'll get this kit fitted in and we'll do a little bit of footage showing how to fit these kits basically.

Ok. So what we've done we have had to fabricate up a bit of a bracket underneath to actually pull the towers down.

You might be able to see that with the video.

We had to weld up to the actual towers and we have pulled them down with a bit of booker rod to tension them nice and straight.

We've had to undo the brake lines up here. That's essential.

Then our tower brace will actually slide in underneath of that.

And from there we have got the plastic / poly bracket goes in under and it will protect all these.

For more information on these coil tower braces and our other wagon tower brace jump online and all you got to do is type in tower brace in the search bar and it will take you straight to it.


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