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Warranty Terms

The Goods of Superior come with the guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure.

You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality.

Superior warrants that all Goods and products it sells are free from defects in material and workmanship. Goods and products manufactured by Superior are covered with a warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase by the Buyer.

This warranty does not apply to: (1) Goods no longer required by the Buyer; (2) Goods incorrectly chosen by the Buyer; (3) Goods modified or altered by the Buyer (including changing colour, welding or attaching additional parts, grinding); and (4) misuse of the Goods by the Buyer including but not limited to: vehicle overloading, neglect, lack of maintenance, over or under-greasing, lack of lubrication or excessive lubrications, or improper installation.

Superior's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair, replacement or refund of the products, Goods, products or parts therein, depending on whether the products, Goods or parts therein have a major or non-major failure pursuant to its obligations under the Australian Consumer Law. Superior is not responsible for any express or implied warranty of other vehicle parts related or non-related to the installation of Superior's product.

Further, the Buyer does hereby indemnify and hold Superior harmless from and against any loss to the Buyer's vehicle or parts thereof as a result of the installation of products, Goods or parts therein of Superior.

Superior warrants to the original Buyer only for the purchase of new Goods from Superior or authorised resellers and distributors, from the date of sale.

Superior does not warrant or accept liability for the voiding of a vehicle's manufacturer's warranty or part thereof, subsequent to the fitting of Goods to the Buyer's vehicle, whether by Superior or otherwise. Further, the Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Superior harmless from and against any loss, as a result of a vehicle's manufacturer's warranty being determined void.

Superior's warranty coverage does not include consumer opinions regarding ride, comfort, installation or design.

Claims not covered under warranty

  • Parts subject to normal wear, this includes bushings, bump stops, ball joints, tie rod ends and Heim joints;
  • Bent or dented products.
  • Finish/Coating of the product once fitted to the vehicle and/or after 90 days whichever comes first, finish is not covered from scratching or marking .
  • Leaf or coil springs used without proper bump stops at the correct distance.
  • Coil Springs must be more than 15mm free height sag to qualify for warranty.
  • A completed fitment form must be supplied with all warranty claims for Coil/Leaf Springs
  • Superior can assist in the information needed if required to correct your bump stops.
  • Shock Absorbers that have been used without proper bump stop adjustment.
  • Products with evident damage caused by abrasion or contact with other items.
  • Damage caused as a result of not following recommendations or requirements called out in the installation instructions.
  • Products used in racing.
  • Components or accessories used in conjunction with other manufacturer's systems.
  • Shock Absorbers/ Hydraulic Bump stops (please read Superior's Shock policy).
  • Warranty claims without "original Proof of Purchase"; and
  • SRC, AMADAXTREME, PROFENDER are considered serviceable shocks with a one-year warranty against leakage only. Rebuild service and replacement parts will be available and sold separately by Superior.


Superior acknowledges that some modifications and installations of Goods, including suspension kit heights, requested by the Buyer may result in the vehicle being illegal to operate for road use in a State or Territory of Australia. The Buyer however, acknowledges and confirms that they have been provided and undertaken their own investigations into the legality or otherwise of particular Goods, including suspension kit heights, with the relevant Transport Authority of the Buyers respective State or Territory. Further, the Buyer indemnifies and holds Superior harmless from and against any loss as result of the legality or otherwise of Goods, parts or products installed or modified by Superior or otherwise.

Rubber Bush Warranty Facts

Where possible Superior Engineering uses Genuine Original Equipment (OE) bushes in our suspension components. IF for any reasonable circumstance Genuine OE bushes cannot be sourced from Australian suppliers, we will endeavour to supply Superior Engineering Bushes of equivalent quality.

Vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan Australia and Toyota Australia’s warranty policy clearly states ‘that no bush will be covered under warranty when installed in an “aftermarket” suspension component - or fitted in any “lifted” vehicle’.

Superior Engineering is now offering: a 3-month warranty on Genuine OE Bushes and a 6-month warranty on Superior Engineering Rubber Bushes that are supplied and fitted to our suspension components such as Radius arms, Panhards, and rear control arms. Superior Engineering Rubber bushes are 100% made in Australia and after years of testing have continually proven to outlast Genuine OE bushes.

Please note: Superior engineering products may be supplied with either style bushings, which is purely dependent on the availability from manufacturers and may vary across batches. The Warranties are applicable on all associated components and will be valid from the date of initial purchase. The warranty applies to bush failure from manufacturing defects; however, it does not cover abuse or over flexing of rubber bushes outside what would be considered common use.

Warranty terms valid from 11th February 2016

See Full Terms and Conditions

To make a claim for warranty please fill out our online warranty claim form HERE